Types Of Cutting Sticks

cuttingsticks (1)

Cutting sticks are essential accessories and a critical component for all the designs and models of the paper cutting machines. The cutting sticks are fixed into the slot on the cutting machine, and it was created to protect the cutting blade used to cut the papers from wearing out. When you make the right choice of the cutting sticks, you can considerably increase your cutting production.  Quality cutting sticks will also help you improve the cutting quality as well as prolong the life of your industrial cutting blade.  Currently, most of the print finishers are looking for the high-quality cutting sticks, which are long lasting and promising of reasonable output. The following are types of cutting sticks.

Standard Guillotine Cutting Sticks. They are made of polyethylene, which gives the cutting sticks its good quality. It is one of the most flexible and affordable plastics when compared to the other materials such as thermo-forming materials. They use the high-density polyethylene grade, which is normally a white or green colored stick. The grade of cutting stick used is also the most popular for general use. You can also order from the manufacturing company the specific features of the cutting sticks that fit your machine.

White nylon cutting sticks. These refer to a cutting sticks from this website which are hard and very thick. They are specially designed for massive pounding or cutting. They have a great tensile and compressive power. They contain excellent wear properties hence perfectly fitting the high volume pounding jobs. The white nylon cutting sticks have a natural smoothness and self-mending features that extend their life, meaning they can stay longer in the slot without wearing out or being rotated.

Premium cutting sticks. These are usually gray and are made from heavy duty polypropylene. It is meant for the jobs that require the high volume cutting environment. Polypropylene is plastic that is used in the jobs demanding high impact resistance power and also durability.

Original red cutting sticks. They are made of polyvinyl chloride and are red. They are very famous and are designed as flat cutting sticks. Polyvinyl chloride is the most used material by the manufacturers to make plastic products. They are very powerful and rigid than most of the products made from thermoplastics. You should always remember to get high-quality cutting sticks for your machine to help the paper cutter maintain its sharp edge for the paper stack. To know more about cutting sticks, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/01/how-to-sharpen-kitchen-knives_n_1468590.html


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