The Importance Of A Good Cutting Stick


A cutting stick is an important fitment and fundamental component for all types of paper cutters and other cutting equipment out there. Cutting sticks are fitted on the bottom part of the cutter and are designed to protect the blades of the cutters as they are in the cutting processes. When you make the best selection on cutting sticks, then this is a guarantee to improving your production efficiency, improve the quality of your cut and extend the life of your operational paper cutter knife. Nowadays paper cutting requires highly efficient cutting, leveled performance and ideal sturdiness with the cutting sticks.

Standard cutting sticks are made of polyethylene. Which provides excellent qualities in cutting sticks. A cutting stick as we have all gotten to understand by now is one of the handiest and cost effective plastic when compared to other thermo-forming plastics. The most efficient sticks are those made from high-density polyethylene and are usually colored green or white. These cutting sticks at this website are the most competent especially when you are using the standard grades of knives.

An original red cutting stick is made from polyvinyl chloride and is red. This is one of the most popular ways of making cutting sticks. Plastic sticks made from PVC are more strong, firm and unyielding. These are qualities that you will not find in other types of plastics out there. Also, there are premium cutting sticks which are made of heavy duty polypropylene and are gray. These types of cutting sticks are mainly designed to perform in the very high volume cutting areas.

A white nylon cutting stick is a hard cast nylon and very dense. They are designed to work in the heavy pounding and cutting environments. Nylon cutting sticks should have excellent tensile and should be strong. They should also be smooth and self-mending to strengthen the cutting sticks and increase their life span. This is the best cutting sticks found in the market today. For this particulars type, you will not have to rotate the sticks frequently as the other sticks.

You always have to remember that high-quality cutting sticks will protect your paper cutting blades and enable you to get a proper clean cut. But be sure to get the whole use out of your cutting sticks. A worn out cutting stick could affect your cut quality for the papers at the bottom of the cutter. Be sure to replace your cutting sticks when all the four sides are worn out. Also, do not set the knife of the cutter too deep as it may lessen the cutting sticks productivity. For more details about cutting sticks, visit


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